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hi im sistasheila..being a morrissey fan..also a part of morrissey solo under the same name..also posting on morrissey shot i am 29 years old..for joining the slash commies i cann offer scanning the ID and sent them to the mods..bu i posted on solo that i traveled alone to the UK for mozzer concerts so you can be sure that Im over 18
im as i said,actualy 29 now.
i also met several other soloists (quiffaa, walkers crisp etc)and one from mozzer slash site who I am also friends with (missisnina)who can assure im more than mature enough to read it;)

other music faves
he Smiths/Morrissey,Einstürz ende Neubauten,Björk,Destinys child:),daf, palais schaumburg,abwärts (viele britische and deutsche bew wave/punk sachen halt)Friedrich Holländer,Sonic Youth,Velvet Underground,Turbonegro,Sleater Kinney,Le Tigre, team dreschNick Cave,The Kinks,Goldfrapp,die Sinatras,Dean Martin-Motown ,Rockabilly,Sixties,Ska ,Bollywoodsoundtracks,60g er,arabische musik, osteutopäische musik :FANFARE CIOCARLA etc...

i prefer old films from the 1920-1970...
watched them asa chils and gree up with hem pefer them to modern films